What is Inviwo?

Inviwo is a software framework for the rapid prototyping visualizations. It is written in C++, exploits modern graphics hardware and is available under BSD license, which permits free use in any setup - also commercially

Rapid prototyping

Inviwo provides a rich visual interface for the easy creation of custom visualizations. These visualizations can be saved, modified, and reused on other data.

Python integration

Besides being realized in C++, Inviwo exposes a Python 3.7 API, supports Python development, and has Python scripting integrated for batch processing.

Full extendability

Inviwo can be extended by implementing own Processors, which can be organized in modules. See our tutorials on creating processors and modules.

Data types

Inviwo can read and visualize many data types, such as HD5, DICOM, RAW and TIFF stacks. So you can visualize data from many simulations and imaging modalities.


To get started with Inviwo, we provide guides on how to install, develop new processors, and create new modules. We also made video tutorials on the most important concepts.


Inviwo is used and maintained by researchers at many international universities, core development takes place at Linköping U, Ulm U, and KTH. For help and general discussion join us on our Slack server.


If you use the Inviwo code for your research, please cite our paper:

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