Learn to generate processor or module templates.
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Generating files for Processors, Properties and Modules

To create a new module for Inviwo there is a helper program which creates the folder structure, the CMake files, basic module files and if needed example processors and shaders. To use the helper, you need to build the inviwo-meta-tools target. After building them they can be found in the same directory as the Inviwo executable.

Note that the same functionality as provided by this command line utility is also available inside the GUI through Tools > Create Sources > Create Processor. Make sure to also write any module and processor names in PascalCase and without file extension (Example MyNewProcessor).

The following commands work on Windows. On Linux and Mac, simply omit the .exe from the commands.

  1. If you have built Inviwo in Release mode open the Inviwo build folder at bin/Release (Visual Studio) or just bin/ (Unix) with a terminal.

  2. Create a new module by entering ./inviwo-meta-cli.exe -m <inviwo-dir>/modules/ModuleNameInPascalCase -o modules Note: The module name needs to be globally unique.

  3. Create a processor by entering ./inviwo-meta-cli.exe -p <module-dir>/src/processor/ProcessorNameInPascalCase A small example processor is created which can then be modified. The processor is automatically registered in the module and the CMake files.

  4. To add, for example, a helper file in utils you can use ./inviwo-meta-cli.exe -f <module-dir>/src/utils/<file-name>

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