How to contribute to Inviwo
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Contributing to Inviwo

Contributions of any kind are welcome! We recommend you propose contributions in the form of a GitHub Issue first, so we can discuss how to best realize your idea and help you on the way. Also feel free to join our Slack for discussions on the way.

Bug Reports

  1. Make one issue for each bug, do NOT put several bugs in one issue.
  2. Title should be descriptive and (if possible) include “component” (property,python,serialization etc). example non-good ticket: Inviwo Crash.
  3. Always include steps to reproduce, even if you think it is obvious, includit.
  4. Are there any warnings or errors? Include them, it is easy just to copy paste.
  5. Are there any possible workarounds that can be used until the bug has been fixed? If so, state them. If someone else find the same bug before it has been fixed they can also use that workaround.

Coding Conventions

We follow the Google coding conventions.

  • Mimick the existing style of the core code
  • Indents / no tabs (4 spaces)
  • Const correctness
  • Max 100 characters per line

It is recommended to use ClangFormat to format code. There is a “.clang-format” file in the repo root.

Contributing whole modules

If you are working on a large Inviwo Module and possibly have dependencies on big external libraries, we have an extra modules repository.

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